About Us

I believe every parent has a little piece of their own childhood they can’t wait to share with their children. It might be an heirloom piece of furniture, a favorite treat, or simply a treasured lullaby. For me, it was toys. When I had my first baby, I couldn’t wait to bring home the kind of toys that had filled my childhood with imagination, creativity, and happiness.

But when I set out in search of the toys I had loved as a child in Germany, I was sad to discover that no one in the Kansas City area carried them. 

If you or your child, like me, have left the toy aisle feeling overwhelmed or disappointed, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve gathered a selection of some of the highest quality toys that foster open-ended and screen-free independent play and have brought them here for your convenience. Instead of the cheap plastic toys that use flashing lights, sounds, and motors to play with your child, these natural, toxin-free wood toys warmly invite your child to play with them. And the quality craftsmanship gives them potential to become timeless treasures passed on for generations to come.

I hope you’ll check in periodically to see what toys have been added. And, of course, if you’re looking for something specific that you don’t see here, let me know! I am happy to help you get your hands on it. 

As a German Mommy raising my kids in Kansas City, sharing my heritage with my children through toys has been a joy. I am excited to share that joy with you. Thanks for joining me on a journey of imagination, creativity, and happiness.