Collection: Bikeho

The Lebensgemeinschaft Birkenhof eV is a non-profit charitable organization. It is a place where people who need care live and work in an environment that meets their individual needs. All bikeho products are handmade of alder wood and alder tree bark and are finished with a linseed/sunflower oil mixture. 

59 products
  • Bikeho Gate (large)
  • Bikeho Bridge (high, small)
  • Bikeho Bridge with Steps 2
  • Gate with Battlements
  • Knight's Hall
  • Bikeho Gate
  • Bikeho Castle Gate
  • Bikeho Tower 1
  • Bikeho Tower 2
  • Small Chamber
  • Bikeho Bell Tower
  • Bikeho Wall with Window
  • Bikeho Stairway, 4 steps
  • Bikeho Stairway, 3 steps
  • Bikeho Bridge (flat, small)
  • King's Hall